Regulating the High Seas: International Maritime Piracy Law


  • Kevin Lopez Pelaez Florida Atlantic University


For many, laws and regulations are inescapable with their apparent global reach, whereby, governments across the world establish laws and regulations governing their respective countries and states. With such an extensive reach, the common person may never raise the question of what rules and regulations they must follow. However, with over 60% of the world's oceans being considered international waterways, the question of law and order on the high seas is a pertinent one. This article narrows the scope of international maritime law to that of piracy, exposing the reader to insight into international maritime piracy law, its application, and framework, as well as its shortcomings and faults. The successful application of international maritime piracy law is dependent on demand from the international community, as such, this article hopes to provide the reader with an increased sense of awareness and an introductory basis on international maritime piracy and security.