Apple’s App Store: Exploring the Future of Antitrust Laws


  • Alyssa Alvarez


Apple, the well renowned technology company is acknowledged for an incredibly unique and successful business model, targeting consumers with its exclusive edge. The particularly exclusive ecosystem of the App Store may be threatened by an antitrust lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court, questioning the overall legality of antitrust laws for the future. The Apple Inc. v. Robert Pepper case argues that Apple is overcharging on its App Store, adding an extra fee to both the developer and consumer. The Illinois Brick Co. v. Illinois case concluded that consumers cannot sue companies due to transactions made by intermediaries, much like Apple is an intermediary between the developer and consumer. In this paper, the ongoing case Apple Inc. v. Robert Pepper will be evaluated and analyzed in comparison to the precedential Illinois Brick Co. v. Illinois case, where both cases together may impact the future of company business models as we currently know it.